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Health and Happiness Center

Taichi, Qi Gong are ancient Chinese practices focused on health and longevity principals guided by our biology.  Taichi and Qi Gong are owned by the world and he wants to make a bridge between culture and people so that everyone has the chance to benefit from these forms.

Health and Happiness Center, has set its aim on providing a platform for world recognized teachers to share their knowledge with the world.

Using the wonders of technology, Health and Happiness Center seeks to connect Masterful teachers with students around the world to give class instructions and private lessons.

IMG_0487Master George Lin lives in Taipei, Taiwan and is a 5th generation Grand Master Of Yang Michaun Taijiquan (YMT).  He is a ranking Taoist master and although retired now, previously headed Taiwan’s Taiji association.  He is also a nuclear physicist and simply a fountain of Taichi and Taoist understanding!  Master Lins taichi and Taoist practice spans over 60 years.

ac2ef260-9731-489f-8c18-ec7b0a170456-1008-00000054f81acf92_tmp.jpgMaster Jiang is a 7th Duan and specializes in Shaolin Martial Arts.  He lives in Zhengzhou, China, the capital of Chinas martial arts region.  He has represented China as a martial arts instructor and his enthusiasm for his students is infectious.  Master Jiang provides Shaolin Martial Arts instruction for HHC classes. Master Jiang w/his Chinese students performs Shaolin Martial Arts Click Here!