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POSTPONED: Grand Master George Lin visits America

Learn Taichi from a Living Legend!

Master Lin, studied throughout his life as a disciple of the late Grand Master Wang Yen Nien.  Unlike any other living student, Master Lin studied with his teacher continuously in three different stages of Master Wangs life.  This special time, combined with Master Lins aptitude as a Taoist master and a physics expert, created a special understanding of YMT, Taichi and most importantly how to best teach and communicate them.  His english is wonderful, his skill is staggering and his heart is all taichi!

YMT is a secret form of Yang Taichi, Grand Master Lin is a direct lineage student of this form.   This form is unique in that is expresses itself in all four directions, left and right side as well as using 1/2 and quarter steps.  Its form is precise and easily teaches the upright, relaxed and rooted posture required for all forms of Taichi.  It was secret because it was the fighting form of Yang taichi, but as in keeping with the nature of taichi, this fighting form, fights in the way of not being in the fight, a remarkable and effective self defense process embodied in a form that one can practice when they are in their 90’s and 100’s!

All of my teachers would say that I am a demanding student and tireless in my pursuit of understanding so it is of note that I can not wear out Master Lins enthusiasm and creativeness in teaching me!  He has a wonderfully Taoist nature and loves to laugh and enjoy everything.

I urge you to make room in your schedule, create space in your life to catch this passing star,  Master Lin is retired in Taipei, where he teaches taichi everyday.  We are so lucky that he is willing to travel to teach us, please join me in enjoying this rare opportunity.

March 22-March 25  in Pasadena

at Villa Park 9am-12 enjoy daily classes with Master Lin for a $60 donation.

Come at 8am and enjoy a FREE hour of YMT warm up lead by Cathy Tate which will teach Master Lins special set of preliminary exercises.

use the contact us page on the website to contact Cathy for pre-registration details.

The preliminary exercises of Master Lin are not available for study except through him or his students they all have application for self defense as well as profound health benefits, yet feel like wonderful stretching of your body.

Online Classes are on temporary hold while we re-configure our new classroom.

Our Classes are taught through Live 2 Way video feed.  Our Teachers are in China and Taiwan, our students can be in our Tucson Classroom or join us from their own home!  To participate in class simply email us and we can give you instruction on how to get online at home as well as how to join us in person!  Contact Us