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Peng, An, Lu, Ji join us and learn the YMT taichi practice of exchanging of these powers. Take a look at a video as well as written guide click here for written guideto this practice!  Join us in Tucson for practice, this is our focus for Feb.  Peng, An, Lu, Ji video click here!

Take a look at Master Lin as he demonstrates the spiral motion of the Yang movement of Grasp the sparrows tail.  This short video clip will show this movement in three formats with highlighted motion. Master Lin YMT Grasp the Sparrows Tail Click Here

If you are looking for a wonderfully gentle and effective back exercise you may like this short video.  Master Lin has shared some of his preliminary YMT exercises that we feel help invigorate and enliven the spine .  When you practice these exercises and try to maintain a relaxed body, resist the urge to “stretch” .  Allow yourself to relax in order to lengthen and compress.  We hope you enjoy! Back/body exercises from Master Lin. Click Here!

If  you spend a bit of time at a desk, in a car or riding a bike, the following video will provide some short and simple movements that are packed with benefits.  Master Zhao first introduced me to these 3 years ago and I believe doing these while being mindful of taichi principals such as relaxed and upright, is a simple way to advance your taichi practice.  I am demonstrating the moves in the video, and by no means do I do it perfectly but I keep doing, as Master Zhao says, in keeping doing, I get better every day.

Arm joint warm up with taichi principals, Click Here!


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.21.29 AM.pngOne of our You Tube viewers at double plus good viewer youtube link  has directed me to a wonderful video that has some insightful descriptions and examples of the feeling of what Jason and I call “dynamic stretching” of Qi Gong.  The presenter has a wonderful phrase about the difference in the feeling of your tendons and ligaments- as being the steel within the cotton.  At minute 7 he will demonstrate a clear difference in the goal of Qi Gong stretching, compared to our standard understanding.  Qi Gong method of stretching explored Click Here!

I have organized some Chinese characters in terms of the strokes used to make them and have made them available at the link below.

Cathy’s notes on Chinese Character writing

3 hours with Chineasy Chineasy website click here  and youtube and I now can write 85 different ideas/words in Chinese.

Take a moment to view the BEST Chinese Character learning I have yet to find!!  Very intuitive and simple.  Learning Chinese may seem very difficult, but one upside is that it takes THOUSANDS of less words in order to be able to converse in Chinese as compared to English, this is a great example of this nature.Learn Chinese in 6 minutes! Click Here!
cropped-img_1063.jpgA Brief History of Chen Taichi and some Taichi perspective from Chen Xiaowang:   shared by Master Junming Zhao and Cathy Tate   (Joomag app may be required)              A brief history of Taichi click here!
IMG_0487This move, part of YMT Taichi 13 postures, if you practice Chen Sword, Cathy finds this an amazing method of learning the basic power motion of a simple thrust.

Master Lin 13 postures move click here!

IMG_0487 Master George Lin demonstrates the YMT 180 Turn Technique.  The 180 degree turn often upsets our upright posture as we move through a form.  YMT utilizes this turn many times and its small circle of movement lends itself well to breaking down the technique.
  Master George Lin 180 turn technique Click Here!