Qi Gong, Dematerialization and Quantum Physics. Taichi ideas.

(painting is Saatchi Art: Mannerist dematerialization, 170x135cm Painting by leonor ruiz dubrovin)

The end game for Qi Gong is immortality, much the same to Taoism or many other mind body practices even in Taichi.  Although I found every aspect of my Qi Gong/ Taichi practice to be true and natural, I always just passed this bit of immortality information off as maybe some ancient metaphorical teaching…

I stumbled upon a physics TV series called the Ultimate Formula this show combined with another called the Secret of Quantum Mechanics gave a very natural understanding to this phenomena of dematerialization or immortality.  You can check them out on Amazon Curiosity Stream channel if you like.

Basically Physics struggles to find math that defines real life, in one such example, there is clear and convincing math that says that once you stand a pencil on its end, providing there are no environmental changes, the pencil should balance to infinity.  The math is perfect, but the actual result can not be achieved.

In very simple terms, because that is all I know, there are certain Super particles, ones that are responsible for all physical forces, a photon is an example of one of these super particles (called Boson).  In 2012, on the Swiss border a new super particle was confirmed, it is known as the H particle.

At the point of origin, or point in which the perfect balance of the pencil was achieved, the H particle appears and multiplies.  Before the H particle arrives, the pencil could balance to infinity, but the propagation of the H particle creates a disturbance which leads to the pencil falling.  The H particle is essentially responsible for the sense of mass.  Perhaps a way to think of it could be, at point of origin, there is just clear space, no trees, but each H particle creates a tree and in order to move around the land you must circumvent the trees.  This circumvention is what we experience as mass.  at perfect origin the pencil would never fall down but it would also cease to have mass.

Qi Gong/ Taichi is designed to improve many things, including the health of tendons, ligaments, circulatory and immune systems.  It is said to achieve this in part by “clearing” the pathways for the meridian system (kind of like your bodies biologic/electrical conduit system) so as to allow the bodies natural healing properties to be enhanced.

Qi Gong and Taichi seek to establish a balance of mind, body and intention, Quantum mechanics could call these a practice of the return to point of origin, which would mean no mass and could mean immortality or dematerialization.

Combine this with the law that energy is neither created or destroyed, then if Qi gong and or Taichi can “eliminate” the H Particle, then the huge energy of this superparticle is then released and used by the body.  In less masterful taichi or qigong practitioners, maybe this can be seen as Fajin, in the most masterful, perhaps it is transcendence.



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