Relax the Spine with Grand Master Lin and share Healthy Shaolin Qi Gong with Master Zhao

Grand Master George Lin, YMT taichi, has once again offered us a way to improve our healthful feelings within our own home.  Yangia Michuan Taijitran is a Yang Family form and one of its amazing characteristics is that you need only a very small space in which to relax and associate with all 360 degrees of view with both left and right side!  YMT delivers significant body medicine due to its small, easily accomplished upright spiral movements.  Enjoy this preliminary exercise designed by Grand Master Lin and shared freely with you!

Please click on this link

Master Junming Zhao and HHCT gives a gift of Health in this time of home sanctuary!  He is giving us for free, his Qi-Gong video and instructions, available for a limited time through this link.  He kindly asks that you do not copy this but share the link as you like.   Click here for video Master Junming Zhao Qi-Gong

Upon his first entry into China Bodi Dharma is said to have spent 9 years in a cave situated above the main Shaolin temple.  Here he witnessed the meditation monks falling asleep and the martial arts monks always needing to rub their joints.  His gift to the monks upon leaving the cave, was the first Shaolin form of QI Gong called Yi Jin Jing, its purpose was to enliven the circulation and help keep the meditation monks awake and to strengthen and maintain ligaments and tendons so that the martial art monks were not in pain.  This form of Qi-gong is whole body awakening, nothing specific targeted, therefore a great practice for beginners and masters alike.  Practice 1 or 3 or 9 sections, it doesn’t matter, each section is a balanced for whole body activation and will deliver great feelings and health each time you move with the form.

What is the end game, the ultimate pay off Qi-gong offers?  Immortality believe it or not!  That is another story, however, each and every time you practice, even a small part of this form, you will feel healthier and happier, each time!!!  Please test this statement, I am sure you will find it a wonderful adventure!

Master Zhao is an instructor at the Shaolin Wushu College in Dengfeng China, the center for martial arts in China and is a multiple gold medal winner for Chen Taiji in China .  He has traveled the world sharing the benefits of Qi-Gong and Tai-chi and now offers you a chance to share his practice with him, we hope you enjoy and have health and happiness forever!

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